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Importance of Test Automation in Digital Transformation

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Nowadays the digital transformation is essential for enterprises who started his own business. Because digital transformation is the main part of startup business. Importance of Test Automation in Digital Transformation because it is essential for business automation.
Attaining a digital transformation in business must have quality assurance teams because they understand the best automation practices. This big effort helps us low manpower, giving timely feedback and increases the delivery of products and services on time and customer needs.
Critical success factor while adopting continuous Testing

In order to optimize performance, organizations are increasingly focusing on mature application development. Practices and 3 steps of DevOps implementations. To support this, test execution turnarounds must be faster, and issues. Because if any should be identified quickly.

The future success of digital transformation depends on continuous testing. Test automation is imperative and serves as a strategic business enabler. In fact, Gartner states that “by 2020, agile and DevOps initiatives will cause at least 75% of enterprises to implement intelligence test automation.”

Mitigate the Risk of Failure

The main effect of project failure is that the implementation is to apply without clearly defined a test automation strategy. Because, manual testing cannot sufficiently address the varied requirements of diverse web browsers, devices, operating systems, screen resolutions and dynamic systems. Test automation minimizes human error’s which comes from repetitive complex work doing.

Problem identification in project -agile to DevOps transition

Problem identification in project -agile to DevOps transition, test automation helps teams identify and resolve issues on the software development life cycle. A lack of digital quality assurance plan with test automation can be a hurdle to digital transformation success.

Deploying test automation for the following benefits:

  • Improved working efficiency and time savings
  • defect detection stages in software testing
  • adapting to change in the business environment
  • Improved accuracy in identifying defects
  • accelerate time to market
  • ideas to improve customer experience

Digital driven software program development requires products to be launched swiftly and relentlessly without incorporate on quality assurance. The outcome of failing to undertake test automation is clean – lack of business opportunities as a result of a long time to marketplace. Importance of Test Automation in Digital Transformation because it is essential for business automation.

Quality of speed essentials changes in test automation strategy and adoption of test automation proper at the start. It involves implements the check of test automation practices that assist business customers and quality assurance team roles and responsibilities to adopt a true shift left mindset and begin to check activities from day one.

Role of test automation in Digital Transformation because digital technologies gain momentum. Quality assurance teams must adopt mature test automation practices. This will help them reduce manual efforts, provide faster feedback and minimize the time to market for products and services.

According to the World Quality Report 2017-18, ‘not having the right automation testing process or method, and a ‘lack of skilled and experienced test automation resources’ are key blockers to achieving the desired level of test automation.

Enterprises should navigate digital transformation. To deliver value and accelerate growth, enterprises need to change their fundamental approach and add speed because,  accuracy to the various business processes.

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